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UWPC Contest

UWPC is the largest underwater photo challenge in Asia Pacific, hosted by the Diving and...

2015-01-28 | Auth. UWPC
DIVE Magazine UK January 2015

Thanks to our friends of ...

2015-01-10 | Auth. Scubashooters Dot Net
2014 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest

The Underwater Photography Guide has just announced the winners of the 2014 Ocean Art Underwater...

2015-01-08 | Auth. Brent Durand
Help protect the wonderful island of Ban...

The overall purpose of the charity Friends of Lembeh-Pulisan-Bangka e.V. is to maintain and prot...

2015-01-06 | Auth. Markus Roth

INON INC. is pleased to announce official release of the fourth version of durable and u...

2014-12-22 | Auth. Scubashooters Dot Net
Abyss - City of Venice: and we are at 7!

The Natural History Museum has now officially become the charming and cozy choice for th...

2014-12-01 | Auth. Agnese Zane

I'm on board: Sachika Safari boat. I want to see "big stuff" and this is t...

2014-11-24 | Auth. Mauro Mainardi
The Weird & Wonderful World of Muck Divi...

The term "tropical" diving generally conjures images of crystal clear, warm water flowin...

2014-11-14 | Auth. Beth Watson

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Italy Flag Massimo Giorgetta945842750
Italy Flag Andrea Falcomatà889141380
Spain Flag David Carbó71174510
Philippines Flag Ilan Lubitz6743915970
France Flag John Paul Connor62127166653
Italy Flag Alberto Gallucci38166820
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Eric Goh (Goh Diving)
A Coconut Octopus

A Ribboned Sweetlips
Scubashooters Dot Net
hey daniel! thanks for accepting my invitation and...
01/02/2015 05:22:08
A Sabre Squirrelfish
Mauro Mainardi
nice nice picture...!
31/01/2015 20:49:28
A Underwater Narcotic Station
Scubashooters Dot Net
very funny!
31/01/2015 17:35:42
A Juvenile Batfish
Scubashooters Dot Net
amazingly beautiful!
31/01/2015 17:33:33
A Fire Dart Goby
Bori Bennett
thank you : d
31/01/2015 11:08:46
A Fire Dart Goby
Mauro Mainardi
nice capture!
31/01/2015 06:19:11
A ID ?
Mauro Mainardi
nice bori. great portrait
30/01/2015 07:50:28
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