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A Frogfish
Tony Strazzari
cool shot fabio! certainly not easy to spot :-)
17/12/2014 21:11:16
A www.killer-uwpics.de
Fabio Strazzi
17/12/2014 18:52:38
A Gobie paganel
John Paul Connor
thank you tony
17/12/2014 10:37:10
A Angel Fish
Scubashooters Dot Net
hi jeff!!! welcome to scubashooters.net!!! amazing...
17/12/2014 08:43:59
A Spotted Eagle Ray
Scubashooters Dot Net
whenever i see these shots beth, i always think yo...
17/12/2014 08:35:20
A Gobie paganel
Tony Strazzari
lovely portrait john paul!
15/12/2014 13:04:47
A crevette rose
John Paul Connor
thank you buddy
12/12/2014 21:08:13
A crevette rose
Noriyuki Otani
nice! buddy :)
10/12/2014 12:31:08
A Manta ray
Mauro Mainardi
top shot fabio!!
08/12/2014 08:47:10
A Short-Tailed Ceratosoma
Tony Strazzari
thanks mauro :-)
08/12/2014 04:38:06
A Spangled emperor juveile
thank you very much mauro .
08/12/2014 00:11:10
A Juvenile Pinnate Batfish
Nurul Yazid
thanks scubashooters, fabio and hon ping. :-)
07/12/2014 06:43:42
A Amphiprion
Mauro Mainardi
claudio...you know that i love this colours and su...
06/12/2014 07:18:25
A gobi
Mauro Mainardi
great bokeh ajiex!
06/12/2014 07:16:49
A mandarin fish
Mauro Mainardi
wow...great capture...it's not easy..!!!
06/12/2014 07:16:07
A Short-Tailed Ceratosoma
Mauro Mainardi
very nice tony. well done!!
06/12/2014 07:15:06
A Jackfish
Henry Jager
i'm honored :-)
04/12/2014 21:18:59
A Jackfish
Henry Jager
thank you, fabio and scubashooters dot net :-)
04/12/2014 21:18:36
A Jackfish
Henry Jager
thank you! always glad about a warm welcome after ...
04/12/2014 21:18:01
A Whale Shark
Mauro Mainardi
awesome stefan!
04/12/2014 20:41:54

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