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Rome, Italy


Top One Diving Association has been founded in 2010. In 2011 it received the certification as CONI ASD.
It is an active PADI diving school located in Rome, in headquarting Ferratella Swimming Pool in the city center, one of the most well-heeled neighbour of Rome.

Already a PADI Resort, in 2015 it became a PADI TEC REC Center, and now it can access and teach the whole PADI training offer such as recreational, specialty, professional and technical courses.

From 2014 Top One Diving is also a DAN DSL Base, the only existing PADI Center in Rome that it is allowed to organize and follow Advanced Research Laboratory on behalf of DAN Europe. All Top One Diving Staff members are DAN Research Operator and Technician.

Two Top One Diving Staff members, Andrea and Davide, are DAN Researcher Specialist and they developed the new DAN Europe software to collect dive profiles. This element will allows DAN Researchers and Doctors from all over the world to study the dive profiles in order to increase divers safety.

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About Us

Top One Diving Staff is composed by eleven members: 3 IDC Staff, 2 MSDT, 2 OWSI (1 psychologist), 1 Assistant Instructor and 3 Divemasters. In the school it is also possible to attend First Response Courses both with DAN and EFR educationals.

Moreover one great value is also added by the Staff linguistic skills. Top One Diving can offer courses in several languages such as Italian, English, French and Spanish. Thanks to this expertise, Top One Diving can operate in an International environment, reason why most of its associated are lawyers, doctors, managers, decision makers and members from International Organization coming from all around World.


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