Wakatobi Hoba Diving


Sulawesi Tenggara, Indonesia


A little slice of heaven

Hoga Island, Wakatobi National Park is located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, one of the most bio-diverse regions of the Indo-Pacific and indeed the world. This makes for a unique diving experience, where you will see incredibly colourful corals teeming with marine life from large trevallies, schools of barracuda to small but stunning nudibranchs and cleaner shrimp.

Hoga Island Dive Resort is a budget dive resort in the middle of Wakatobi.
The traditional cottages are built on stilts facing the beach and the sea, each with their own balcony and hammock for relaxing. On the beach there are also hammock areas where guests can read a book, meet for a cold beer and watch spectacular sunsets. The resort has electricity from 6pm till 10pm. Two rooms share one mandy bathroom with water from the well.
Often served on the beach, meals are varied and generous and are made with fresh ingredients including the catch of the day brought in by the local fishermen. Wiah's chips and spaghetti are famous as well as her traditional Indonesian dishes!
When not diving, Hoga Island Island also offers other activities such as walking around the island (5-6 hours at low tide), a visit to the local sea nomad village, a trip by motorbike on nearby Kaledupa Island. We also have a small library of books in various languages as well as marine life reference books.

Hoga Island Dive Resort's involvement with the local community includes providing local children with a boat to take them to & from school each day with funds raised by the charity (www.piara.nl). On Sundays, the children clean the beaches to earn money to pay for their school uniforms.

Diving with Hoga Island Dive Resort
The dive sites are all within a short boat ride from the Resort and include fantastic pinnacles, ridges, walls, ledges and overhangs which together, make this an unforgettable underwater paradise. Due to Hoga Island's remote location we do not have to compete with other divers for nice quiet dive sites and, whatever the weather, there is always a great choice of varied locations.

Asrul, our local dive guide has a great eye for the small creatures on the reef, he easily finds creatures such as pygmy sea horses and the orangutan crab in the bubble coral. Some sites have a superabundance of fish, where you can hang out at the end of your dive at 6 meters in utter bliss.


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About Us

Hoga Island Dive Resort, the budget dive resort in Wakatobi, Indonesia, welcomes you to stay in beautiful traditional wooden houses at the beach. Discover the unbeliable diversity of the submarine life in these diving spots of the Golden Coral Triangle.


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