10th Annual Manta Fest Photo Festival

If you are an underwater photographer or a Manta Ray lover, mark your calendar for the 10th Annual Manta Fest Photo Festival being held in Yap, Micronesia from August 26th – September 10th, 2017.

Manta Fest is organized by Manta Ray Bay Resort, and Yap Divers who helped establish the world’s first government-backed manta ray sanctuary, which now protects all big animals.

This event combines (underwater) photography workshops, instructions, and tips with a photo contest which is said to have more prizes than photographers.

The 2017 Manta Fest photo contest has five categories with DSL users and compact camera users competing separately. Competitors are allowed to submit three images in each category.

These categories are:

  • Big Animals
  • Behavior
  • Land/Culture
  • Macro
  • Reef Scenic

The Best of Show Grand Prize winner will go on a ten-day liveaboard voyage aboard a luxury vessel navigated by Dive Damai. Choose from any of their regularly scheduled voyages in Raj Ampat.

The best in class winner of the DSL users will receive a seven-day dive and liveaboard package with Odyssey Adventures in Chuuk Lagoon for Wreck Diving.

The winner of the compact camera users will receive a seven-day dive and hotel package at Manta Ray Bay Resort.

Website: www.mantafest.com

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