Anilao Underwater Shootout 2017 Photo Competition Festival - 5th Edition

Anilao underwater shootout 2017

The Anilao Underwater Shootout is organized and sponsored by the Philippine Department of Tourism and is held in Anilao that is so popular as one of the premiere macro destinations in the world. 

The Anilao Underwater Shootout attracts many participants from all parts of the world. The competition judges are multi-awarded photographers from around the world as well. 

The Anilao Underwater Shootout will be held from November 28, 2017 to Sunday, December 2, 2017. This year’s host resort will be Acacia Resort and Dive Center, where registration, opening and closing ceremonies will be held. Participants may stay in any resort or dive operator of their choosing in the Anilao area. Participating entries must be shot during competition dates.

Competition Class

Open Class
Open to all participants with any type of camera and accessories. Published and professional photographers are automatically placed in this category.

Compact Class
The Compact Class is exclusive for participants using cameras without interchangeable lenses. Mirrorless, SLR, and all similar type cameras are not allowed in the Compact Class.

Class Categories and Special Awards


  • Macro: Any close-up photograph of small subjects and marine life
  • Marine Behavior: Photographs that feature any display of marine behavior such as feeding, breeding, etc.
  • Nudibranch Portrait: Any close-up photograph of any soft-shelled, marine gastropod mollusk species
  • Fish Portrait: Any close-up photograph of any fish species.


  • Participants who submitted entries to the 4 major categories: (1) Macro, (2) Marine Behavior, (3) Nudibranch Portrait, and (4) Fish Portrait are automatically entered to compete in Portfolio. Portfolio entries will be judges on a per-photographer basis, based on the 4 submissions in the aforementioned categories.

Special Awards

  • Creative Macro: A new category this year that allows post-processing of any underwater macro photography taken during the competition dates. This is to promote and allow for participating photographers to express their artistry.


For more informations and  registration visit the official web portal

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