Relevance of background in Macro-Photography

Red background and red subject

When photographing, we focus mainly on the subject, making sure of its right position and correct focus on the spot we are interested in (usually the eye). We do check composition, but often omit to consider the background, which is also part of the picture. If neglected, background might make… Continue reading

Back to basics Improving your photography without changing a setting


Many years ago when I started shooting underwater photography I fell under the “gear-spell” an ancient money-draining curse thrust upon the unassuming photographer that fools you into believing a beautiful image is the output of a camera and not the tiresome construction of an artist. That is to say “an… Continue reading

Shooting schooling fishes Uncan the Sardines

School of sardines

The ADEX 2015 held from 10 -12 April in Singapore provided countless fantastic presentations and speeches about conservation, exploring, tec, free and sport diving, video and photography. We picked one out for you. It’s the presentation about shooting schooling fishes and wide angle in general by our Scubashooters head of jury and admin Henry… Continue reading

Planning a light scheme Illuminate the subject in underwater photography

UWP light scene

In advertising photography, before taking a picture you think about the positioning, power and color of the lights to use, either flash or continuous. In underwater photography, thinking how to illuminate the scene in front of us does not happen: often the standard positions of the flash limit the photographers,… Continue reading

The weird & wonders of muck diving Tips, Techniques and Destinations

Nudibranch - Costasiella

The term “tropical” diving generally conjures images of crystal clear, warm water flowing over beautiful, lush coral reefs teeming with colorful fish. “Muck” diving is a different experience altogether! Basically, it means rummaging around in sandy, muddy, murky areas among discarded bottles, old tires, pizza boxes…all manner of garbage, in… Continue reading

Adobe Lightroom For Underwater Photography

We will start to learn together the use of the very popular software Adobe Lightroom and how to use it for underwater photography. Recent online surveys have shown that Adobe Lightroom is the most preferred software for photographers, be that just beginners, advanced shooters or professionals. The capability of Lightroom… Continue reading