Coron, a place of history The perfect place for divers to explore an important part of history

History The end of World War II was near. The Western Allies already entered Europe on the D-Day, and fought back Germany from occupied lands like France. But another member of the Axis, Japan, did not think to retrench. In opposite, between June and October 1944, they enforced the occupation… Continue reading

Wreck Diving at Million Hope Mystery and magic for underwater photography enthusiasts

million hope wreck diving

Holidays have begun by now, and I’m here for the umpteenth consecutive year on Elena, the boat of the Sheikh Coast Diving Center in Sharm El Sheikh, in company of new and old friends, looking for a new adventure. The whole group welcomes the guides’ proposal and the boat is… Continue reading

Rubis Submarine Wreck Diving A French Navy submarine during the World War II

Rubus Submarine

With a minimum depth of 32 meters and a maximum of 40, the Rubis is one of the rare U-boats in good state of conservation approachable by advanced recreational scuba divers. This wreck is located in southern France, off the coast between St. Tropez and Cavalaire sur Mer. Built in… Continue reading