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Easydive is an underwater photo-video instruments producer that in the last 15 years has distinguished for a constant and continuous research an development: its main feature is the use of remote controlled electronic buttons (now uses wi-fi controls also) that has been patented and makes all the housings fully universal for each camera past , present or future.

Easydive Leo 3 Underwater Housing

The state of the art of Easydive technology at the moment is the Leo 3 housing , that I am using since 2014 with great satisfaction.

Main body is made with die cast aluminium alloy , with a slightly rough surface that improves the grip underwater ; after CNC machining all the parts are covered with a 40 micron black matte military standard anodizing that prevents scratches and corrosion (a further zinc alloy anode is applied on the top).

The rear is linked to the body with two hinges on the bottom and two stainless steel quick hooks on the top (with safety closure) that work together with two o’ring: one radial ant the other one that works by compression: this system is basically leak proof and helps the owner during the closing act: it is impossible to move or pinch the gaskets .
The OR are made with NBR rubber : this means that it is not needed specific lubricant for them (instead of the silicone gaskets that require the grease supplied by the producer) something less to think about during maintenance.
Right hook is also designed to help opening the housing.

On the back we find a wide polycarbonate screen (10 mm thickness) that guarantees a great resistance and good view of the display; there is also the possibility to add quickly a universal magnifier (optional).

Main element in the front is a red aluminium ring secured with 4 screws and two o’ring that hosts that various ports domes and adapters produced by Easydive; by request of the customer it is possible to change the red ring in order to use third parts domes or ports so each one can choose his preferred setting without problems.
Inserting the ports is very easy and fast (just push and turn clockwise) and a safety lock prevents any eventual rotation ; on the right part of the housing we find a gear to be used or with zoom lenses or to manage the manual focus.

On the upper part there are various threatened holes that can be fitted with all the standard joints (sphere – T1) so it is very easy to configure the housing for every kind of use : macro-wide or video adding all the necessary tools.

Easydive Leo 3 housing details

Strobes can be controlled in different ways in fact there are two bulks for nikonos standard cables and two windows for the optic fiber cable: in this way the customer can fully control each kind of strobe without problems . Built in strobe can be easily opened to control optically the strobes, for the ‘pro’ cameras without pop-up strobe it is possible to apply a led emulator.

Magnetic buttons are both on the rear and on the front part and are not passing-through, very well disposed with the shutter one that is actioned by the index finger and that can be configured in two different ways directly by the customer; these buttons are not affected by depth so Leo 3 housing is the only one fully operative up to 100 meters.
Easydive has its own hyperbaric chamber to test directly all the products (by request it is possible to ask for a deep test op to 150 meters).

The design of the handles is really ergonomic and together with the inner air volume gives a real good handling underwater : it is very easy to switch between horizontal and vertical shooting and the hands always have the right grip and comfort even during long shooting sessions.

The “heart” of Leo 3 is inside : an electronic control unit (sealed with specific resin) that joins with a base linked to the camera : three AA batteries feed the system for many hours of use (I have made three 90 minutes shooting sessions without changing the batteries) but to prevent any problem there is an acoustic and visual alarm to monitor both batteries and leakage/flooding.

Easydive patented system allows to use in the same housing every kind of camera only changing the base (id needed) and updating the ECU using an usb key inserted into an adapter so the customer can update his product by himself without sending the housing to the producer: this is valid both in case of new camera and in case of new features released by Easydive. Leo 3 can keep in memory two different cameras in the meantime so it is possible to switch immediately from one brand to a different one.

The feedback of the buttons is absolutely fast (maybe faster than the mechanical ones that have a lag due to gears-levers-friction).

Concluding we are in front of a really innovation in terms of underwater housing: hard as a rock , customizable ad improvable and – really important – lifetime guaranteed by the producer that has a direct contact with the customer.

WORDS and PICTURES by Ruggero Pastorino

You can see and buy Leo 3 and other Easydive products on www.easydive.it

Underwater photos with Easydive Leo 3 housing

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