INON UCL-90 series UCL-90 M67/UCL-90 LD Underwater Close-up Lens

INON INC. is pleased to announceofficial release of powerfulyet user-friendly underwater close-up lenses UCL-90 M67 (screw mount type)/UCL-90 LD (28LD compatible bayonet type) on December 27th, 2017.  The UCL-90 series is designed to use solely underwater to acquire high quality image (using on land will not magnify a subject and will have distortion on image edge or orvignetting etc.) from its compact body thanks to HR glass providing long working distance and widely supports from a macro lens for full frame SLR system to a compact digital camera.

INON UCL 90 series

Left: UCL-90 M67
Right: UCL-90 LD


  • High Power +11 Close-up Lens
  • Long Working Distance for Comfortability
  • High Quality All Focus Range
  • HR Glass for Compact Body
  • Achromat Lens
  • Stack Another M67 Lens
  • Compatible with M67 Flip Adapter

INON UCL 90 series macro example

You can find more details in this attached press release.

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