INON X-2 for Canon EOS80D

INON INC. is pleased to announce official releases of new lightweight aluminum cast body housing model for Canon D-SLR camera EOS80D on January 5th, 2018 at build –to-order base.


The Canon EOS80D is a crop sensor camera for prosumers with improved 45-point type all-cross AF system while 19-point type all-cross with EOS70D, capturing a subject precisely in any composition.  Dual Pixel CMOS AF where each and single pixel on the CMOS sensor is consists of two independent photodiodes enabling you to shoot video like a camcorder with smooth, fast, and accurate autofocus.

The INON X-2 for EOS80D housing is built on the concept of More freely. More photos. The first priority to design the housing is to provide light underwater weight. Having more hollow space inside of the housing creating more buoyancy to acquire 285% less underwater weight which is equivalent to two of INON Float Arm M (buoyancy 135g per unit) comparing to the previous X-2 for EOS70D. When you shoot with swimming by school of fish or need precise focusing during macro shooting, the lightweight and user-friendly X-2 for EOS80D housing supports to capture your precious moment. Buttons and levers on the housing are carefully located as much as like camera’s control itself for intuitive operation underwater and succeed same style of X-2 series housing to hold the housing directly by the right hand as depth of the housing is same as the previous X-2 for EOS70D housing.

Left: Canon EOS80D and X-2 for EOS80D Housing
Right: Various ports support wide range of camera lens system including wide, macro and bug-eye.

You can find more details in this attached press release.

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