INON Z-330 Strobe is now coming!

Guide Number 33 and UNDERWATER coverage 110 degree without diffuser.

The next generation new Z-330 strobe has built-in optically designed dome lens offering both high power and wide coverage without any diffuser which can sacrifice power, is released on December 24, 2017

Z-330 Features

  • Powerful G.N. 33 and UNDERWATER coverage 110 degree
  • Bundled「Strobe Light Shade」to prevent shining camera lens
  • Radiation system to release generated heat inside
  • 220 lumen, Shutter-linked AUTO OFF Focus Light
  • Conspicuous Phosphorescence Back Panel and Improved Intuitive Control Dials
  • S-TTL Auto /13 Steps Manual Flash Mode
  • Wide Variety of Dome Filters

You can find more details in this attached press release.

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