Lovely Fiji

Fiji panoramaYou really need short time to realize, with a bit of satisfaction, of how useless is to have a watch in Fiji…Here, time is not important and, above all, it is not a tyrant like in Italy.
The Fijians joke with tourists and they call peaceful flow Fiji time, synonymous of “with no hurry” as the time which goes by has to be enjoyed with serenity. A funny and quite unusual habit for us which ends up in sucking you into the depths of idleness which expands more and more, for every dawn that rises from the ocean between the wind that is channelled through the leaves of palm trees, for every sincere laughter of a Fijian child when they play on the beach and to the thousands of “bula” here that the locals will really appeal to the heart, at every meeting.
Landed at Nadi from Australia, the journey to our destination – Nacula in the Yasawa Islands – foresees about 5 hours of fast catamaran which we gladly change on our way back with a comfortable and faster 40 mins flight by seaplane.
From our bungalow, at the Blue Lagoon Resort, with direct access to the sea we can admire the beautiful beach with all the features in order to make you fall in love with these distant seas coveted by many as a symbol of flight and new lives to be reinvented.
The sand is white and thin while the more intense blues gives colour to the ocean. Life on the island runs nicely and relaxed making you forget the stress and the hurry left in Italy.
In its waters, explored in depth all day, I was treated to an unprecedented variety of beautiful corals and tropical fish of a thousand colours.
A bank of the long procession of palms crown the perimeter of the island; palms, from time to time, make a gift of fresh coconuts and sweet nectar to drink: an irresistible feeling.
The sun is dying on the horizon in the sky burned red in the waves that, far from shore, crashing against the reef, originates a sunset from the minutes counted, a show that here in the tropics is consumed too quickly.
Diving into this sea warm and colourful gives good feelings between reef sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, soft corals from the varied shades and of course the ever colourful fish barrier in their chase continuous. The water temperature, about 29 °, is ideal companion in adventure.
Unfortunately the visibility is not the best due to the disaster recently caused by the hurricane to the close Vanuatu Islands.
Nevertheless diving is still pleasant.
The local Diving Centre Padi is reliable and professional. The staffs always offer different diving sites and different conformation, in accordance to levels of preparation of each diver.
I’m lucky to make all dives in company of an instructor Padi underwater photography enthusiast, who supports me in discovering the underwater wonders.
It still comes the time of having to greet this paradise, before facing the last sunset that ignites the southern sky, tonight I retrace the lovely days passed happily to which look back with yearn. I’m anyway happy and certain that in the near future I will start thinking about the next trip…

WORDS and PICTURES by Davide Lombroso

Fiji underwater

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