Hands on ORCATORCH D620V The light designed for your underwater adventure!

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We have just received the ORCATORCH D620V underwater light from ORCATORCH

At first sight you can tell this is a very well built and designed UW light, featuring a compact lighting module as well as a compact battery pack. The 2700 lumen led light isn’t as energy thirsty as older similar lamps and this allowed for a shrinking in the battery pack dimensions.

ORCATORCH D620V casebox open and closed


As Steve Jobs used to say, the user experience with a product starts from the unboxing and ends with using the device. Orcatorch D620V makes no difference and you can tell from the packaging it is a professional level UW light. Inside the plastic box you will find everything you need to start using the light straight away; beside the light itself, the package offers four rechargeable batteries, a four places battery charger, one electric cord for general plugs and a car lighter adapter, one spare oring and a nice Orcatorch rubber bracelet.

Orcatorch D620V is a professional level uw light and, as ORCATORCH declare, it’s specially designed for underwater adventure such as scuba diving and cave diving.

ORCATORCH D620V details: light and battery


What really amazed me is the sturdy feeling I had touching the lamp and handling it… also the power cord connecting the lamp with the battery pack is very strong, built by a thick rubber plastic making it ideal to resist always possible close encounters with rocks and corals in any underwater activity.

Refer to this link orcatorch.com/product/D620V for more technical details.

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