Rovinj Diving – Istra, Croatia Puffer, a nice place for diving

Rovinj DivingRovinj old city on Istra coast line, Croatia, they like to say it’s one of the most romantic cities on Mediterranean, all I can say on that, they didn’t exaggerate. Town is beautiful, situated on small rocky peninsula, where houses are crowded and streets are narrow but view on sea is great, especially in the evening when sun falls in the sea. Rovinj as town standing there for centuries and all those time his island and sea around were collecting many secrets. Today those secrets are under the sea and you can see them, if you dare enough to go under, to go deep, to explore and to feel, to feel the difference. In this new, undiscovered experience we offer you extra elegance choice of providing to your individual escort, best equipment, our diving boat Puffer or speed boat, maximum safety through scuba diving with instructor guiding. Individual escort on the most famous Croatian Wreck Baron Gautsch, or through the system of the caves on Island Bagnole, or to go down on reef Porer 6 nautical miles on the open sea. From Rovinj you come to us by regular boat line which drives each hour, we are happy to see you.

Our diving center is situated in the hotel Istra on Read island, near city of Rovinj. Every day we offer scuba diving trips with one or two dives. Beside the captain on the boat is always one of our dive-guides, who will explain detailed briefing of the dive site and the boat. For a comfortable, quick and safe journey to the dive sites we have the dive boat “Puffer”. and additional in our offer is fast boat from hotel Istra. In our diving center are tree memebers of the stuff, girl on the welcome desk, instructor and dive guide.
Diving boat Puffer is 11 m long and 3.5 m wide and it has 110 hp engine, average speed 7nm/ph. It is specially prepared for dive trips and offer space for up to 12 divers. On the boat is cabin for 6 people, toilet, sun deck in front and a big diving platform at the back, provide the divers with comfort and a relaxed preparation for the dive. Puffer is equipped with depth-finder, GPS satellite navigation, UHF-radio, 1 oxygen supply emergency first aid kit.

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