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42 issues of “Scubashooters”; as many as the answer to life’s essential question, according to Douglas Adams in his “Galactic guide for hitchhikers”.

And SCUBA divers are a little hitchhikers too, due to their always overweight luggages, full of diving photographic, video gears and apparatus, often custom made so to make them resemble “Ocean’s Geeks”, ready to dive into unknown submerged universes always bringing along their personal towel, another essential requirement for every “galactic hitchhiker”.

During the nearly 4 years of “Scubashooters” life, the magazine has become a precious source of information for underwater photographers worldwide; wether you were looking for UW photo tips, intended to plan or seeking inspiration for the long time dreamt trip, or looking for the right space through which let the world know your experiences and discoveries, “Scubashooters” has proven to be the right place, and each issue’s readers number give the right measure of this more than every other thing.
All big projects are in a constant evolution… if you want to evolve, keep the pace, and why not become somewhat of visionary you need to keep on changing.

When Marino and Fabio offered me the Chief Editor position at Scubashooters’ Magazine, I honestly was reluctant and in doubt wether to accept the position or not: I was aware of the huge work laying behind this machine through the years; they were having results, notably increasing as time passed and so stepping into the Command deck of this ship at large wasn’t and it isn’t an easy task for me. After several meetings with them, we set forth new guide lines and strategic goals we want to achieve with what we can call now the magazine new course… n43 was born and to me (but not only) it’s like number 0.

First and foremost, impossible to be unnoticed we now applied a small fee on. In most countries for the equivalent of this fee, you can buy a coffee for example, this is what we ask you in order to be able to continue offering a quality service to you and deliver it flawlessly to your devices.

This price is a really small amount of money for almost everyone involved in the diving industry but it’s a meaningful amount for us which will enable Scubashooters to improve its offer, bringing always unpublished contents,
scientific insights, in a better and more consistent way than the one we have been able to afford so far.
This will be possible because with small fee we will be able to pay all the graphics, freelance, reporters, biologists and photographers who make every issue possible. The euro will enable them to dedicate more time
and energy and I’m sure this will improve the overall quality of our magazine.

For this turning point issue, we will offer you the breath taking portfolio of one of the UW photography absolute stars, Mr Alex Mustard as well as a new housing preview.

Keep on trusting and supporting us, we will pay you back with emotions, this is our commitment.
Happy bubbles!Y

Leonardo D'ImportanzoLeonardo D’Imporzano – Chief Editor –
Scientific journalist and “Golden Trident” @ International
Academy of UW Sciences and Technologies.

Here some of the articles you can find in this issue

Tecnique: shooting wide in Raja Ampat
Travels: Crystal Blue resort
Biology: the White Tip reef shark
Review: GioSim UW housing
DAN Europe: 5 tips to avoid accidents

Curious? You can find our magazine on Magzter and on Issuu, we are waiting for you 🙂 !!

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