Shrimp Festival Winners Underwater Photography Contest

The second edition of the / jointly organized festival has just finished. This edition’s theme was Shrimp.

First place went to the beautiful hairy shrimp framed by Leon Haoqin Zhao, second place by Tianhong Wang and thirs place by Gyno Simus.

shrimp festival 1st place - photo by Leon Haoqin Zhao

1st Place
Leon Haoqin Zhao
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shrimp festival 2nd place - photo by Tianhong Wang

2nd Place
Tianhong Wang
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shrimp festival 3rd place - photo by Gino Symus

3rd Place
Gino Symus
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Several hundred photos have been submitted from dozens of and members world wide so a special thanks goes also to our Jury Mr Henry Jager, Beth Watson, Isabella Maffei, Ivana Orlovic,  Davide Lopresti , Roland Bach and Fabio Iardino for the great work behind the scenes they made to deliver the winning photos.

Check this page – shrimp festival winners – to see the prizes offered by the sponsoring partner and stay tuned on both and as we are already thinking at the possibility to organize another festival!

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