SMI: Super Macro Illumination

SMI system is custom designed according to user needs and equipment configuration.
It is passive system which means that have no light source at its own, but use torch or strobe for light source.

Due to this fact there are no electronic components and no sealing surfaces and O rings. SMI can operate at any depth.

SMI is custom design for each user according to the equipment which customer use.
It can be design and manufactured for any diopter and almost any torch or strobe. Diopter can be fixed directly on port or on flip holder.

SMI can be put on/off before dive or underwater during shooting. If diameters of different diopters (e.g. 5+ and 10+ ) are similar enough,
then one SMI system can be used for both.

On the market there are well known Weefine ring torch, but there are few key difference.

Ring torch have 90 degrees beam and cannot illuminate object right in front of lens on short distance (20 mm -40 mm). SMI deliver focused
light on relatively small area in front of super macro lens on distance between 20 to 50 mm.
This is usually focus range of most of diopters.

In case when the object is hiding in small hole or tide crack there are not possible to illuminate the object with torch or strobe from side position, but with SMI there are no problem because light come from right direction.

If photographer want to “play” with light, than also strobe from side position can be use together with SMI and shadows can be created.
SMI is a perfect system for super macro shooting of still images or videos.

With SMI can be also shooting in burst mode or post focus mode (if camera have this option).

SMI is light weight for transport and traveling (approx. 200 grams) and slightly negative buoyance.

WORDS by Simon Stopar, PICTURES by Simon Stopar, Mikhail Rudenko, Jonny Magnusson
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Facebook: @supermacroilumination

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