Aliens from the deep Experience black water diving

Starting the black water diving

Welcome to my little world. There’s a new diving craze in town. This is for Macro enthusiasts, for those of you who are constantly seeking the wild, the unusual, the unique, and the never before seen creatures. If you ever find yourself bored with all the ridiculously amazing creatures we… Continue reading

Cave Diving. Can It Be Safe And Fun? Part One

Cave diving

Dispelling misconceptions revolving cave diving not being a viable and safe dive choice for the average recreational diver. Are there recreational cave diving sites available in Mexico? Christian Llewellyn discusses diving some of these cave systems from a resent trip to the Yucatan peninsula. I can still remember my first happy trip to Mexico and the… Continue reading

Dive Into the Past Underwater Archaeological Park of Baiae

Mosaic at Campi Flegrei Underwater Archeological Park of Baiae

Campi Flegrei are a vast volcanic area situated north-west from Naples where history and nature merge between earth and sea, and the coastline represents the symbiosis between mankind history and sea life. The Campi Flegrei waters reveal to divers these wonders. Here, the sea preserved topical the signs left by the passage of ancient Romans and Greeks. Ruins of villas, thermal baths and roads lie just a few meters from the surface and, together with marine life and gaseous emissions, create… Continue reading

Anilao is a must

Anilao - Philippines

I recently had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Anilao, Philipines with its rich biodiversity of marine lives. Manila sits on an archipelago just at the edge of the Asian continent, some 14° 35′ N, 121º 00 E’. It’s 1,100 km or 2 hours flight time from Hong Kong, 2,200 km or… Continue reading

Amazing Anilao A place where time stands still

Fire Urchin

The trouble with tribbles: prehistoric existence of a fire urchin With a never ending thirst for knowledge, underwater photographers continue to push the boundaries, with an effervescent search to document life that abounds beneath the sea. As better and better digital cameras and lenses are developed, we continue to discover more and more… Continue reading

Sail Rock A peculiar little rock in the Gulf of Thailand

Black and white school of fish

The Gulf of Thailand is not exactly a destination renowned for spectacular photography. Most experienced divers prefer to visit locations in the Andaman Sea or the adjacent Coral Triangle, usually drawn there by images and stories of exotic critters and stunning sights. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending who you ask), it… Continue reading