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In Scubashooters Articles section you can find tips, hints & tutorials, diving sites, equipment and much more about yor underwater photography passion!
We also have a new project, BlueLine, because we love the ocean and we want to protect it.

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Underwater photographersViewPhotoVideo
Australia Flag Tony Strazzari55209314250
France Flag John Paul Meillon (J.P.C)308359199377
Italy Flag Davide Bastiani252190950
Philippines Flag Ilan Lubitz23991816070
Italy Flag Massimo Giorgetta2372734910
Italy Flag Gianluca Neri2280723810
Italy Flag Vito Giannecchini199172640
Argentina Flag Galante Aldo17565311800
Ukraine Flag Oksana Maksymova1475274450
Thailand Flag Stefan Follows1426159030


The MostWinnerValue
Used camera brandOLYMPUS IMAGING CORP. 1652
Visited placeAnilao1623
Viewed photoview11649
Viewed videoview2918
Commented itemview
Nation with more ph.Italy Flag Italy411
The younger ph.jpplazapozo11
Viewed Portfoliojohnpaul.connor9629

Latest users comments


thanks a lot rune edvin haldorsen! :-)
25/05/2023 19:05:17

nice done
25/05/2023 12:02:41
A Melanistic Giant Pacific Manta

thank you , susannah!
24/04/2023 19:49:55
A Melanistic Giant Pacific Manta

today’s pic of the day on scubashooters is a ...
04/04/2023 16:53:15
A Chromodoris naiki nudibranch

complimenti, la tua foto e' la pic of the day !!!
18/02/2023 20:36:12
A Pygmy seahorse

thanks for choosing my shot as pic of the day!!!
13/12/2022 19:25:00
A Bullock's Hypselodoris

congrautlations, your pic is the pic of the day!!
05/11/2022 14:52:59

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