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In Scubashooters Articles section you can find tips, hints & tutorials, diving sites, equipment and much more about yor underwater photography passion!
We also have a new project, BlueLine, because we love the ocean and we want to protect it.

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Weekly most viewed photographers

Underwater photographersViewPhotoVideo
Italy Flag Davide Bastiani554780
Italy Flag Autiero Rosario 416530
Argentina Flag Galante Aldo40710040
Switzerland Flag Martin Nobs3487770
Russia Flag Denis Timchenko3453610
France Flag John Paul Meillon (J.P.C)336198574
Australia Flag Tony Strazzari30714250
Norway Flag Rune Edvin Haldorsen2809805
UnitedKingdom Flag Jack Pokoj27581171
Indonesia Flag Kurt Gross2759300

Top 10 photographers with most views

Underwater photographersViewPhotoVideo
Australia Flag Tony Strazzari54010214250
France Flag John Paul Meillon (J.P.C)296729198574
Italy Flag Massimo Giorgetta2337424910
Philippines Flag Ilan Lubitz23106816070
Italy Flag Gianluca Neri2246183810
Italy Flag Vito Giannecchini194221640
Argentina Flag Galante Aldo15343210310
Ukraine Flag Oksana Maksymova1417884450
Thailand Flag Stefan Follows1340269030
Italy Flag Davide Bastiani125938780


The MostWinnerValue
Used camera brandCanon1624
Visited placeAnilao1619
Viewed photoview10581
Viewed videoview2835
Commented itemview
Nation with more ph.Italy Flag Italy408
The younger ph.Shintaro_UWP17
Viewed Portfoliojohnpaul.connor8448

Latest users comments

A Donut

hi simon, you are the pic of the day today!!
17/09/2022 19:28:43
A Nudibranch
Guest Diver
thanks a lot buddies!
24/07/2022 19:48:46
A Nudibranch

congratulations, your are the pic of the day!!
23/07/2022 18:05:30
A Nudibranch

very beautiful shot
21/07/2022 12:35:14
A policera

10/07/2022 21:28:35
A policera
Guest Diver
congratulations alberto! your photograph is pic of...
01/06/2022 00:29:36
A Nudibranch

i try once again :). the image stand out of the fe...
26/05/2022 22:15:22

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