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Dive Computer

Complete your Diving!

Diveroid helps you enjoy your diving to its fullest.
How? Diveroid can be Dive computer, Camera, Video, Compass while Underwater and after diving, you can even get a unique Divelog. We have made all this possible using your Smartphone.

Dive computer, Camera, Compass are all in your Smartphone.

  • Dive computer
    Diveroid's user freindly interface allows you to see all the information, such as depth, water temperature, diving time, safety alerts and remaining time, all in one place. Also since your safety is our priority, the remaining time will be displayed on every screen such as on the the camera mode or on the compass mode.
  • Camera/Video
    Depending on the model of your smartphone, you'll be able to take auto-focused pictures up to 16M pixels in resolution. Not only that! There's a semi-shutter function, as seen in digital cameras, built into the housing.
  • Compass Oh my! Are you lost? Use Diveroid's beautifully designed Compass function to effortlessly navigate through the waters and avoid getting lost.

Unique Divelog management system

  • Integrating pictures into diving profile
    We put a lot of thought into the nature of the dive log. Combining pictures and dive profile helps you manage your divelog in an intuitive way.
  • Everything gets recorded automatically
    Within the diving profile, you'll be able to see when&where you have dove, the water temperature and the condition. If you happen to violate safety regulations, such as, ascend rate, those warnings will automatically be recorded in your diving profile.
  • Easy to share
    Show off the photos or videos you had taken underwater. With one simple touch, you are able to share it with others via Facebook.


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Fully Waterproof

Dive Computer

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