Cape Paperu Resort & Spa


Maluku, Indonesia


The ideal Resort for Divers, Snorkels, Honeymooners and Nature-lover

Dreams come true!

Imagine an exotic island, a wild landscape with a large cliff ending in a small white sandy beach. Relaxing under mature shady trees, many of one hundred years old, countless coconut palms and surrounded by tropical gardens. Cape Paperu Resort & Spa in its simplicity is the perfect resort for your holidays.


Located in Central Maluku, there where the pepper grows and the time almost stands still, is the charming Resort according to ecological principles in the beautiful landscape of the bay of the Island Saparua. The Resort is 45 minutes by car from Ambon Airport and one hour by boat directly to its private beach.

The Management

The Suisse Couple, Eliane and Kurt Gross, keen and experienced divers, with a strong love for the environment and for the local people. They are committed in protecting the local reefs and involved in development projects aimed at creating the right condition for the development of a healthy Sustainable Tourism of Saparua.

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Secrets of health, beauty and relax

...means taking time for itself, a vital part of life.
Traditional body treatments from the tropics rely on nature's own pharmacopoeia to produce results.
Certainly not skin deep, they not only cleanse and soften the skin, but also draw out impurities from within.

The ritual of application relaxes us, empties our minds and soothes our souls in an atmosphere of peace.


The power of touch is part of being human; it is part of our earliest awareness of being alive as babies. Asian people understand that massage is all about sensual healing for the emotions as well as for the body, a simple as effective route to general wellbeing via our largest sensory organ, our skin.
There is no mystery to the power of massage; she is probably the oldest and simplest form of health care. Many Indonesians have an intuitive sense for enflamed, cramped or swollen body points which they soothe with the help of their hands and of essential oils.

We offer:
Aromatherapy Massage
Trough massages the active molecules of essential oils, already blended with carrier oil, penetrate the bloodstream and soothe the central nervous system.

Spicy Island Massage
Is the zenith of massage experience. This is thanks to the uncanny synchronization of two therapists who works together all over the body.

Body scrub like
If you reach fort he Vicks pot at a hint of a chesty cough, this body scrub is for you. The scrub is purely and simply a herb and spicy mix and is prepared to warm the body at the first sign of windy weather. It increases the blood circulation and its exfoliating ingredients, cloves and rice, soften the skin.
Volcanic Clay Body Scrub
A good cellulite treatment. Mineral-rich clays, which seep into the skin to break down fat cells.
Cucumber Wrap
For sunburnt skin, feel the heat seep out of your sunburnt body using cucumber and essential oils.
Papaya Body Polish
Soften and revitalize the skin and wrinkles appear less noticeable. The enzyme, papain, contained in papaya works like an alpha hydroxyl acid, (a natural fruit acid), that acts to remove the flaking cells on the skin's surface, without the tendency to cause skin irritation.

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