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By Songda Cai
Subject Squid
Location Anilao Batangas
Upload date 2018-03-19

By Oliver Leyba
Subject Squid
Location Maldives
Camera A6300
Upload date 2018-01-31

By Marie Sand
Subject Squid
Location Lysekil, Sweden
Camera TG-2
Upload date 2017-12-10

By Khoo Yi Ping
Subject Squid
Location Tulamben
Camera ILCE-7M2
Upload date 2017-12-05

By ManBd UiDive
Subject Squid
Location KOMODO
Camera TG-4
Upload date 2017-10-07

By Alex Permiakov
Subject Squid
Location Panglao
Camera NIKON D800
Upload date 2017-08-20

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