Colin Salmon's Photos

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A Gymnothorax fimbriatus | Fimbriated moray

"Embrace the power of the Dark Side"
Gymnothorax fimbriatus
Fimbriated moray

A Astropyga radiata | Fire urchin

Forest of red thorns and neon blue pounds
Astropyga radiata
Fire urchin

A Lubricogobius dinah | Dinah's gobies

Just the two of us (and some eggs)
Lubricogobius dinah
Dinah's gobies

A Pterois antennata | Lionfish

Lionfish side shot
Pterois antennata

A Gymnothorax fimbriatus | Fimbriated moray

Underwater no one can hear you scream
Gymnothorax fimbriatus
Fimbriated moray

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