Kerri Keet's Photos

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A Bull Klipfish

Bull Klipfish
Bull Klipfish

A Common octopus

Juvenile octopus
Common octopus

A Klipfish


A Butterfly fish

Double Sash butterfly fish
Butterfly fish

A Pineapple fish

Pineapple fish - a rare visitor
Pineapple fish

A cuttlefish

Cuttlefish eye - super macro

A klipvis


A Klipvis

Klipvis portrait

A Klipvis

Supra macro of klipfish face

A Puffadder shy shark

Sharks in a tree
Puffadder shy shark

A Angel fish

Angel fish
Angel fish

A Trumpet fish

Trumpet fish
Trumpet fish

A Anemone

Dark Red Fluorescent Anemone

A Seahorse

Yellow Seahorse

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