Magali Marquez 's Photos

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A Octopod juvenile

Bonfire diving
Octopod juvenile

A Ancylomenes magnificus

Shrimp with light Effect
Ancylomenes magnificus

A Laval Octopus

Bonfire diving Puerto Rico
Laval Octopus

A Amphiprioninae  | Clownfish

Clownfish with Retra LSD

A Rhinomuraena quaesita | Ribbon eel

Ribbon eel with Retra LSD
Rhinomuraena quaesita
Ribbon eel

A Mantis Shrimp

Portrait Big eyes
Mantis Shrimp

A Zebrida  | Zebra crab

Zebra crab
Zebra crab

A Longarm Octopus

Bonfire diving Puerto Rico
Longarm Octopus

A Batfish

Portrait Batfish with Retra snoot

A Chromodoris willani  | Chromodoris willani


Chromodoris willani

A Sohgenia palauensis

Sohgenia palauensis
Sohgenia palauensis

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