Erwin Poliakoff's Photos

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A devil scorpionfish

Ambon Devil Scorpionfish
devil scorpionfish

A longnose filefish

Longnose filefish hiding in coral
longnose filefish

A Rhinopias

Rhinopias in Ambon

A bearded goby

Bearded goby hiding out
bearded goby

A sea fans

Sea fans bracketing Cozumel swimthrough
sea fans

A longnose hawkfish

Longnose Hawkfish
longnose hawkfish

A leather coral

Misool area shall reef
leather coral

A cardinalfish

cardinalfish in formation

A spotted drum

Juvenile spotted drum in formation
spotted drum

A green moray eel

Green Moray Portrait
green moray eel

A cowfish

Indonesian cowfish

A sweetlips

School of sweetlips in formation

A yellow boxfish

Yellow boxfish
yellow boxfish

A jawfish

jawfish with eggs

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