Sofia K. Tenggrono's Photos

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A Doto ussi | Nudibranch

Glow in the Dark
Doto ussi

A Phyllidiopsis cardinalis | Nudibranch

You were My Morning when the Sun Rose with Hope
Phyllidiopsis cardinalis

A Scorpaenopsis barbata, | scorpionfish

Can I have more cookies, pleeaaaseee ....
Scorpaenopsis barbata,

A Halgerda batangas | Nudibranch

Where are you, my love?
Halgerda batangas

A Nucleolaria nucleus | Cowrie

Spiky Mohawk Hair
Nucleolaria nucleus

A Janolus sp | Nudibranch

When You Wish Upon a Star
Janolus sp

A Nembrota sp. | Nudibranch

The nudi is red, the sea is blue. You're my sunshine & I love you
Nembrota sp.

A Siphopteron makisig | Nudibranch

HELLOOO, is there anyone down there?
Siphopteron makisig

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