132Sesimbra - Portugal

Some images that You can found in Sesimbra....

128my first dive with dry suite

In Sesimbra we can dive almost everyday of the year....

112My first Underwater competition 2013

This is a resum eof my first participation on an Underwater Photo Competition.... it was very nice, and it was just for Fun, but trie to do my best :) On the total of 5 stages, we just do 4,and in one of them we get the 1st Place :) :). 6 place on the final store, not bad... We also have the support of the Dive Center: Anthia Diving Center. Hope You enjoy.....

50Jamaica Dive :)

Jamaica -Negril
Like the music: "...fell all right...."

49Just for Fun (Music & photos)

At Home
This was just for Fun.... Try to show some of my shot at the music speed..... Hope you enjoy :)

32Barracuda_Sabalos (2012)

2 Spot with a lot of colors fish, and much more to see... enjoy :)

31México - Tortugas (2011)

Tortugas SPOT.... With luck and a Goog Guide, you ca see a lot of Torturls... 14 to 17 in one dive ... :) They are amazing...

30Cenote - Dos Ojos - México (2012.05)

Another Cenote, amazing..... Clear fresh water, 24ªC, more that you can iamgine of visibility..... Is fantástic :)

29"River" - Sesimbra (Portugal)

O River Gurara embateu violentamente contra os rochedos do Cabo Espichel, tendo mergulhado para o seu túmulo ao nascer da manhã, com alguns curiosos a observarem a tragédia de terra O "River Gurara", um cargueiro nigeriano com 175 metros de comprimento, embateu violentamente contra os rochedos do Cabo Espichel e naufragou na madrugada de 26 de Fevereiro de 1989. O "River Gurara" é um dos destinos de mergulho mais procurados de Sesimbra. As caracteristícas dos destroços são óptimas para abrigar várias espécies pouco habituais nas àguas de Sesimbra.

28México - MocChe_Barracuda (2011)

beautifull colors, a lot of fish, a moray, amazing dive with fantastic temp. waters 28ºC. at minute 2:20, you will see, a Moray eating a Lion Fish, this is because the Lion Fish are not from the carabien Sea, and now there is alot of them there, and tehy don't have predators, so the Guides, goes dive and try to kill some of the Lion Fish there, and give tem to moray...

27Cenotes - Tajma Ha (2011)

Tajma Ha (México - Playa del Carmen) 2011 Is a fantástic experience, we where just OWD, and there is no problem, even with a lot of minutes without any ligths on the cave, evem on that part we put our hands on our flash ligth, to get almost black, and it is amazing...... If you have the change, please, at least one time you should try....

26Trailler.... terror..... (2011)

trailler from our first time on a Cenote. Máxico Yucatan.... Is JUST FANTASTIC

25Mama Viña - Mèxico (2012.05)

I know this is not a real wreck, but for me is one dive I love to Do.... This was filmed with a Panasonic TZ7... Hope You enjoy....