Oro Verde Shipwreck At Night

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Upload Date2021-04-12 01:22:28
Scientific Name
Common NameOro Verde
LocationGrand Cayman
Diving CenterCayman Aggressor V
LensTokina 10-17mm
StrobesSea&Sea YS-250 on camera, and YS-250 with remote trigger
Date Shot2021-03-29
Camera MakeNikon
Camera ModelD500
White BalanceAuto
Exposure Time1/160th
Aperture FNumberf/8
ISO Speed RatingISO 1600
Focal Length
RemarksI'm just back from a week on the Cayman Aggressor V. I worked really hard on this trip, trying to dial in techniques I've been working on, including remote strobes. This is a photograph from the Oro Verde shipwreck, a return to where I first experimented with trying to figure out this kind of lighting. This was taken in the pitch black on a night dive. I forgot the ball mount for my focus light, so I had to borrow a handheld flashlight to light up the shipwreck so my camera could focus. Let's just say it was a neat trick trying to set up a remote strobe and trigger cord on my own, while making sure the glass dome port on my camera didn't bang into the sharp rusty wreck, while only being able to see what the small beam of my flashlight was illuminating. Ideally, going forward I'll do this kind of remote strobe work with a partner to adjust the strobe power dial, and at dusk so that the camera can focus easier...and so I can see what the f*&^ I'm doing lol!