DPG/Wetpixel Masters Competition 2020 Winners

DivePhotoGuide (DPG) and Wetpixel are proud to announce the winning images and videos in the 2020 edition of the DPG/ Wetpixel Masters Underwater Imaging Competition. Once again, hundreds of photographers and filmmakers from dozens of countries competed to win their share of more than $55,000 worth of prizes.

Created by DPG and Wetpixel, two of the largest online resources for underwater shooters, the competition invites submissions to four image categories and a video category, with entries evaluated by a panel of illustrious industry experts and award-winning photographers.

This year’s judges included David Doubilet, Stephen Frink, Erin Quigley, Scott “Gutsy” Tuason, Keri Wilk and Tony Wu. This year, Scott Portelli received the “Best of Show” prize for his 1st place in the Wide Angle Unrestricted category. His brilliant “over-under” style image captured an emperor fish tussling for position among a school of silver drummer in the shallows at Lord Howe Island, Australia. Commenting on the winning image, National Geographic’s David Doubilet said: “This is that moment we might see but rarely capture. This is literally crystal-clear behavior.” Master underwater photographer Keri Wilk added: “The combination of eye contact, dynamic behavior, and technical excellence make this a clear winner.”

Copyright © Scott Portelli | UnderwaterCompetition.com

In a joint statement, DPG Editor-in-Chief Joseph Tepper and Wetpixel Publisher Adam Hanlon said: “This year’s contest has delivered another superb portfolio of winning photos and videos, and we are astounded by the impressive quality of the entries that the competition attracts. DPG and Wetpixel congratulate all of this year’s very deserving winners!” The organizers are pleased to announce that 15 percent of entry proceeds will once again be donated to marine conservation efforts.





▪ Results on UnderwaterCompetition.com – https://uwpho.to/DPG-Wetpixel-Masters-2020
▪ High-resolution winning images and videos (1.8GB) – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c3ysy9xl9b2roef/AAB1x0uLsxPxKQsjBIdsCTRfa?dl=0

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