Sea Save Foundation

Sea Save Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit ocean conservation organization.

We believe that because oceans do not recognize political borders, we must work at the global level if we are going to bring about real change.

To that end, we have been official participants at the Conference of International Traded of Endangered Species (CITES) for more than a decade and are also official participants in the United Nations: Ocean Conference.
The majority of our workforce comes from volunteers who leverage their professional skills to help promote our efforts.

The Sea Save Foundation Impact Statement: Sea Save Foundation strives to protect oceans by raising awareness about the beauty of marine ecosystems and their fundamental importance to human survival.

We seek solutions, advance public policy, and drive advocacy.

We are currently working to help SCUBA crews around the world through the COVID crisis.
Jacques Cousteau once accurately surmised: People love what they know
and protect what they love.


We believe this is true, and as such, many of the primary ambassadors who show people the beauty of ocean ecosystems are SCUBA resort and liveaboard crews.

To this end, Sea Save Foundation set up a series of fundraisers for these crew members.

These diligent workers, often support extended families and rely heavily upon tips for their revenue stream.

Sea Save Foundation has created these fundraisers as a service and are taking zero percent of any funds raised.

Please consider helping your favorite crew:

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