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Hi JORGE IOL RODRIGUEZ I am using Sony a6300 camera and Seafrogs housing but I cannot fit Sony 30mm f3.5 macro Lens in Seafrogs housing, only 50mm kit lens sony 30mm lens dimensions 61.98x55.63mm so it comes long it doesn't fit
18/09/2020 00:12:57
Simone Matucci
Morning dive at turtle cleaning station
12/09/2020 10:08:27
Denis Timchenko
Congratulations Alex!!!
10/09/2020 11:00:33
Beth Watson
Congratulations Jonathan for having your very cool image selected as "Pic of the Day."
07/09/2020 00:40:49
Beth Watson
Congratulations Galante for having your beautiful image selected as "Pic of the Day."

04/09/2020 23:12:49
Sofia K. Tenggrono
It's such an adorable crab. Thank you so much
03/09/2020 16:55:08
Beth Watson
Congratulations Denis for having your image selected as "Pic of the Day."
03/09/2020 14:47:01
Rune Edvin Haldorsen
Thanks a lot, Beth
02/09/2020 07:09:20
Beth Watson
Congratulations Alex for having your stunning Sheep Nudi image selected as "Pic of the Day."
02/09/2020 04:57:26
Guest Diver
Congratulation Rune for having your image selected as "Pic of the Day."
01/09/2020 02:16:35
Guest Diver
so cute and full color
29/08/2020 16:50:40
Guest Diver
Congratulations Low Wai Tim, your photograph is Pic Of The Day! It has been posted on Facebook! The size of this bait ball is impressive, made even more so by having the divers in the frame for scale!
27/08/2020 16:49:47
Cristina Fernandez Gonzalez
Thank you very much!!! You make my day!!
26/08/2020 18:42:58
Guest Diver
Congratulations Cristina! This photograph is Pic Of The Day and will be featured on Facebook and Instagram!
26/08/2020 18:09:12
Antonio Venturelli
very beautiful pitcure
23/08/2020 15:42:45
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