Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Panorama

Papua New Guinea is located between Indonesia and Australia, on the equator. A land covered for three quarters by rainforest and mountains over 4,000 meters. They called it “the island in the clouds”, because at dawn and dusk, in the Highlands, between clouds and mists only sprout tops of mountains … Continue reading


Monitor Housing for LVR3 INON Inc. is pleased to announce official release of Monitor Housing for LVR3 on March 1st, 2017. The Monitor Housing for LVR3 is a dedicated underwater housing attached on INON SD Mount Base UWH1 (*2) to use Sony Live-View Remote RM-LVR3 (*1) which is bundled with Sony Action … Continue reading


Germophobia DAN Europe

As published in past articles of Alert Diver, microbes from different sources, transmitted via diving equipment, can be a true threat to scuba divers. In fact, rented equipment and rinsing tanks can pool a high load of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and amoebas with the potential to spread diseases. Don’t think … Continue reading