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We can't say HONDURAS is unknown to scuba divers. Roatan is known and so is Utila, both of them dive locations that do attract scuba divers, mostly from the US, and do provide plenty of dive centers and all the dive logistics, keen divers do expect.
And then there are the CAYOS COCHINOS, a group of small islands just between the mainland of Honduras and Roatan. Cochinos Cays are a group of two small islands (15°58'18.99"N86°28'31.34"W) (Cayo Menor and Cayo Grande) and 13 more small coral cays situated 30 kilometres (19mi) northeast of La Ceiba on the northern shores of Honduras.
The Cayos are part of the Bay Islands (Islas de la Bahía ), some people still like to call them Hog Islands, referring to the famous pirate Henry Morgan who ( this it what the legends tells ) "planted" hogs on these cays so he and his pirate fellows would have meat on their return trips. Around 100 people (Garifuna people) are living on those islands, and yes, scuba-diving is possible! "The Cayos Cochinos reefs are the least disturbed ecosystem in the Bay Islands. The waters around this collection of coral cays are a marine biologist's dream: protected by the government, off-limits to commercial divers and fishermen, and busy with creatures that ...

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Author : Rico Besserdich
Upload date : 2016-05-27

The alarm rings at half past five. At six the boat of "Solo Buceo" diving awaits us on the back of the Sotavento Hotel in Cancun, where there is a channel connected with the open sea.
Still sleepy we enjoy the spectacle of the sun rising over the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, while we circumnavigate the northern extremity of Isla Mujeres. After about an hour of navigation finally we reach this vast area of the sea in which a large number of whale sharks from all the Caribbean meet in the summer months due to the large presence of bonitos eggs that the currents concentrate here. Soon begin to appear the first dorsal fins that cut the smooth surface of the sea. There are many spaced a few tens of meters. We reduce the speed up to stop and while drifting reaches us under the boat one of these huge beasts, so already from the boat we can see the grey back with the unmistakable grating of vertical and horizontal streaks clearer alternating series of white spots.
Wasting no time, with great excitement and emotion we wear fins and mask, grab cameras and dive in these warm waters to meet these large, harmless sharks in their natural environment. Putting our head under the water we can see more than one with a single glance, so we start finning...

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Author : Alberto Gallucci
Upload date : 2015-06-30

The second issue is on-line !! Dear Scubashooters, It's only two years that the scubashooters.net tribal turtle logo found its way to the outer world and it has alredy become our peculiar and distinctive signature.
It has been created following my directions by a very famous graphic artist, Luca Zaina. You can admire the quality of his work @ www.artofweb.it .
The original idea was to create a unique and distinctive logo that would have immediately brought people's mind to think "oh! This is scubashooters.net's logo" .
Not a camera not a kind of fish not an abstract design but a tribal turtle with a diaphragm on the back. The turtle is universally known, i believe that even in Katmandhu nepalese people do know and have seen at least once a sea turtle; the turtle generates all kinds of positive feelings in all kind of human beings and it's a good example for us of a gentle, quiet and respectful being. The tribal tattoo origin is lost somewhere in the ancient times of some tribe of some island in the Pacifc ocean but it also represents the tribe of the underwater photographers of the world all together different cultures different countries but the same passion for the sea, photography and underwater creatures. The dyaphragm is self exp...

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Author : Marino Palla
Upload date : 2015-04-14

We are pleased to show you the first issue of "Scubashooters.net E-Magazine" ! Here a short presentation Dear Scubashooters, It's a great pleasure for me to introduce you to our new e-magazine. It will be a bi Monthly publication available for free on our network and we will feature always nice photos and interesting information and news from the world of UW photography, our world. Putting the e-magazine out of his mind was a crazy idea of my fellow friend and Administrator Fabio Strazzi. It is thanks to his will and to you that this project has now become reality.
It's not even two years that the scubashooters network took its way to the outer world and our numbers are pretty and growing bigger and bigger day after day. We are convinced that an e-Magazine will be another great content for you dear lovers of the sea and for this first issue we will feature the portfolio of Mr Adriano Morettin from Italy. You will be amazed by the quality of his work. Beside being among the best photographers of the globe, Adriano is always trying to show us the beauty of mediterranean creatures and he likes to challenge himself shooting non easy subject such as jellyfishes; you will be amazed staring at Adriano's Jellyfishes of Italy.
In this first...

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Author : Marino Palla
Upload date : 2015-03-05

UWPC is the largest underwater photo challenge in Asia Pacific, hosted by the Diving and Resort Travel Expo (DRT Show) and EZDIVE magazine. UWPC is open to entrants of all skill levels. Asia Pacific UW Photo Challenge (UWPC) aims at finding excellent underwater photographers, and understanding their works thoroughly. We hope to promote the art of underwater photography and scuba diving in the Asia Pacific Region, and to promote the protection of the marine environment and guide a green and healthy lifestyle through the challenge. Welcome to participate the Asia Pacific UW Photo Challenge! Upload and submit your photos online at www.uwphotochallenge.com Download and read what you have to do to join the contest : How to submit your photo Guidelines The Asia Pacific Underwater Photo Challenge, hosted by DRT Show, is open to entrants of all skill levels. All submitted images must have been taken by the entrant and taken underwater. Each individual can only win one prize or prize package. Entrants with multiple winning entries will be given priority in prizes by value. Any images that have won or placed in photo contests with winning entries may not be submitted. Photographers retain all copyrights to their images. DRT Show and EZDIVE Magazine retain...

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Author : UWPC
Upload date : 2015-01-28

Thanks to our friends of ...

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Author : Marino Palla
Upload date : 2015-01-10

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