COSMIQ+ by Deeblu Inc. A dive computer with social integration

Harnessing the Power of Technology and the Internet to Revolutionize the Diving Industry November was a big month for Deepblu Inc. The company that built the world’s first dive computer featuring social integration made waves at the DEMA Show 2016 in Las Vegas with a series of surprise announcements and… Continue reading

Nudibranchs of Anilao Cuthona sp. 13 NSSI

Nudibranch Cuthona sp. 13 in Anilao - Philippines

Will The Real Yamasui Please Stand Up Cuthona sp 13, Gosliner et al.(2015) ,which was previously identified as Trinchesia sp. 41 and mistakenly identified as Cuthona yamasui which, itself is also identified as Trinchesia yamasui, has created some misinterpretation to the identity of not only Cuthona yamasui but also that… Continue reading

Family Adventures Against all odds / Scuba Diving & Autism

Manatee in Crystal River, Florida

As underwater photographers, we have the privilege of telling stories through our images. I became an underwater photographer with the hope of using my images to change the public’s misconceptions about sharks, and to show the world that sharks are not the vicious monsters so often portrayed by the media.… Continue reading

Reflections from the past David Salvadori's first book

Diving in capodacqua lake

“Reflections from the Past” is a photographic exploration in the heart of Tirino valley in Italy, ending with a dive in the crystal clear waters of the Capodacqua lake. The lake of Capodacqua is located in the Gran Sasso National Park and Laga Mountains, surrounded by unspoiled nature of vast… Continue reading

Aliens from the deep Experience black water diving

Starting the black water diving

Welcome to my little world. There’s a new diving craze in town. This is for Macro enthusiasts, for those of you who are constantly seeking the wild, the unusual, the unique, and the never before seen creatures. If you ever find yourself bored with all the ridiculously amazing creatures we… Continue reading