Cave Diving on Tuscan Mountains A speleological cave diving adventure

After the accident occurred on January 9, 2016 at the Bossi cave in Switzerland, ended with the death of my friend Borgio, I promised myself not to go cave diving again. Nevertheless, things went differently. To convince me, for this speleological diving adventure, it was my friend Luciano Tanini of… Continue reading

Scuba Diving in Ustica The divers' paradise

Ustica panorama

It was the summer of 2010 when for the first time I set foot on Ustica, the island described as “the divers’ paradise” or “the Tyrrhenian black pearl”. Although I had only one year of diving behind my shoulders, I realized that this island had some peculiarities that found a… Continue reading

The Vercors Region in France The excitement of karst landscapes

Cave of Choranche in Vercors Region

The karst area of the Vercors Region is located in the foothills of the France-Alps, bounded on the East by Grenoble and on the West by Valence in the Rhone valley. This location is an insiders’ tip where tourism has grown very slowly, barely industry, no congested roads, no large… Continue reading

Cave Diving. Can It Be Safe And Fun? Part Two

Cave diving in Cenotes - Mexico

This is another part of our special articles about Cave Diving. Read also [Part 1] I can still remember my first happy trip to Mexico and the joy of receiving my first temporary certification diving card. Finally I was ready to explore underwater and really push my boundaries. That was… Continue reading

The Sorrento Coast In the sea of the sirens

Diving in Sorrento Coast

The Sorrento Coast, already discovered by Ulysses in his pilgrimage through the waters of the Mediterranean, is for its historical and natural aspects, one of the most beautiful coastlines of Italy, offering scenarios so fascinating that even Homer sang it in his Odyssey. In fact, the legend tells that just… Continue reading

Cave Diving. Can It Be Safe And Fun? Part One

Cave diving

Dispelling misconceptions revolving cave diving not being a viable and safe dive choice for the average recreational diver. Are there recreational cave diving sites available in Mexico? Christian Llewellyn discusses diving some of these cave systems from a resent trip to the Yucatan peninsula. I can still remember my first happy trip to Mexico and the… Continue reading