[INON] New GoPro Related Products

We are pleased to announce release of GoPro related products, Compact Grip Base for GoPro and Light Adapter Base for GoPro.

Both products are now ready and we appreciate to have these press release on your media channel.

Compact Grip Base for GoPro

JAN/EAN: 4570018120794

A double handle/tray system exclusively designed for GoPro camera housed in GoPro original housing when using INON SD Front Mask with the pursuit of the utmost in downsizing whole of system.

Usable as a serious filming system with holding both handles to deliberately capture the scene.

3-way style are available to suit to different situations.

Compatible with wide range of INON adapters to create your “own” configuration.

Light Adapter for GoPro

JAN/EAN: 4570018120749

An adapter directly holds a GoPro housing fitted with an INON SD Front Mask and enables the use of LED lights, hand grip, and carbon telescopic arm in combination with various INON adapters.

The packaged item includes a plate allowing to attach a lens holder to carry another INON GoPro compatible lens to carry two lenses underwater.

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