ISOTTA Housing for Nikon D500 Dreamed. Desired. Wanted.

Isotta housing for Nikon D500

First presented at DEMA in Las Vegas 2016, Isotecnic could not miss and launches another “red jewel” that allows exploits the full potential of the fantastic Nikon D500, the newest home Nikon DX format.

Like all Isotecnic housings, it has been studied and designed perfectly, providing an excellent manageability in a compact size, handling underwater without problems. The housing with the characteristic, unmistakable and “inimitable” Isotecnic red color, is built entirely of anodized aluminum anticorodal, all the buttons are on the outside to take advantage of all the features of the Nikon D500. Once installed and locked the camera and close the rear back, you have immediately a feeling of strength and security.

The adjustable handles allow a comfortable and ergonomic use of the housing by everyone. Both the shutter button and auto-block are positioned as to be used without major problems. The three M6 and M8 threaded holes are useful for the use of various accessories. The buoyancy varies depending porthole used, and by using of various Isotecnic floating arms you can easily neutralizes the thrust facilitating underwater use. The safety and perfect seal of all closures, back and portholes, are ensured by double O-ring seal. I find it very useful the possibility to change the lens without having to remove the camera body, by quick release button. The strobe connection is ensured by means of the two sync bushings (TTL internally manageable with micro switches) or by the optical fiber bushings, all positioned in a symmetrical manner on the upper part of the housing.


A highly visible red LED indicates moisture inside the case, thanks to an easily replaceable battery circuit. The already very good standard viewfinder can be easily substituted for the mounting of external viewfinder. Available a wide range of porthole made in tempered glass and adapters rings offered by Isotecnic to meet every need for the use of different lenses. To support users who already have portholes of other brands, Isotecnic provides the ability to adapt them to their housings with the appropriate adapters. I’m now diving since many years and with pleasure I can confirm that the Isotecnic housing for Nikon D500 is a quality focused, reliability and manageability that allows me to dive for fun, my camera is safe, even in the most extreme situations of temperatures the answer has always been up. Easy access to all key/main features of Nikon D500 camera controls by means of clearly labelled buttons. The knobs and buttons are accessible gripping the housing without removing your hands from the handles and switch from image mode to video just your thumb. The weight of 2.6kg without porthole in line with competitors of the same material. The price is aligned on the market and is justified by the high quality of the product. Increasingly extensive list Isotecnic accessories used. Last but certainly more important, security you get when using the IsotecniIsotta housing for Nikon D500 - detailsc housings, always at the highest level Product completely Italian made of which we must be proud. The “must” of Isotecnic are the passion and the availability of Elisa, Andrea, Lilia and Egidio, owners, designers and builders of the “red”, always attentive to the needs of divers. Do not hesitate to contact Isotecnic, they will find the right solution for everyone!!

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WORDS and PICTURES Davide Lombroso

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