Not So Fast, Space Cowboy Planet Deepblu - the day after April Fool’s Day

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Deepblu isn’t really going to Europa, but there’s still great news.

TAIPEI, The Day After April Fool’s Day – We regret to inform you that, while it may be on the cards in the future, Deepblu isn’t actually providing you with an opportunity to dive on the Jovian moon of Europa. We do, however, provide access to the best dive travel in Europe… and Africa, and Asia… the Americas… everywhere.

Planet Deepblu is the most comprehensive place on the face of the planet to find dive sites, read reviews, and then book your trip by consulting directly with dive businesses and operators. Know before you go that you’re going to have an amazing trip. Do you have unique services or needs that need to be taken care of? Our chat feature doesn’t just allow you to shake hands on a price, you can actually stay in touch and receive service before, during, and after your dive experience.

Oh, and check this out… our map has tens of thousands of dive spots gathered from information from divers all over the world. No inside bias from us, no favors done, and we’re not going to steer you in the wrong direction, because divers like you are the ones at the wheel.

If this is your first time hearing about Deepblu, let us give you a quick low-down on what we do. It started with our COSMIQ line of dive computers, an accessible beginner computer with tech diving knowhow and Bluetooth connectivity for easy dive logging, which brings us to part two. The Deepblu app is a dive logging application and online community which allows divers to seamlessly upload dive logs via Bluetooth, share photos and videos online, and join groups of like-minded individuals in order to meet new dive buddies. Planet Deepblu, described above, is our new contribution to the dive word.

In the future we’ll continue to expand, like the universe around us, and with each new challenge, innovation, and piece of information strive to meet our ultimate goal: making the best possible dive experience for every single diver on the only ball of rock and water that we can actually call ours.

Until Europa, we’ll being seeing you on our planet, Planet Deepblu.


 About the COSMIQ Dive Computer: The COSMIQ is the trendiest dive computer and the only one in its segment to boast Blue-tooth technology to synchronize digital dive logs with the cloud. Since its launch in April 2016, it has won many awards for its ease of use, clarity and unique design.

 About the Deepblu Platform: Deepblu is the fastest-growing online community for divers and ocean enthusiasts. Released in November 2016 at the DEMA Expo in Las Vegas, it has since brought tens of thousands of divers together at Their latest feature, Planet Deepblu, aims to change how divers explore and plan their dive trips by connecting the dive world in one place online.

 About Deepblu, Inc.: Deepblu, Inc. is the company behind the COSMIQ Dive Computer and the Deepblu social network for divers. Deepblu, Inc. is a team of divers and technology enthusiasts whose goal is to use technology and the power of the internet to revolutionize the diving community and lifestyle.



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