Bizarre fishes Trumpetfish and slender snipefish

Trumpetfish and Snipefishes

When I started having the first direct approaches with marine life, in the stretch of sea between Calabria and Sicily, I used to hang out at the coasts where the fishermen landed returning from their work. I watched inquisitive the disembarking operations but, above all, I lingered while fishermen were… Continue reading

Serpula Vermicularis The red flower of the sea

In the following article, in addition to describing the Serpula vermicularis, I would like to send a message to all those underwater photographers who, while admiring a subject, linger about its beauty and its details, leaving out the emotions it can instill up to making them love it and enhance… Continue reading

Shark Diving in Grand Bahama Meet the sharks in Tiger Beach and create unique photos

Shark diving in Tiger Beach

There are few places in the world favored by shark divers as much as the area off of Grand Bahama known as Tiger Beach. And it is easy to see why – close interactions with tiger sharks, lemon sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, and nurse sharks are practically guaranteed; shallow depths… Continue reading

Nudibranchs of Anilao Cuthona sp. 13 NSSI

Nudibranch Cuthona sp. 13 in Anilao - Philippines

Will The Real Yamasui Please Stand Up Cuthona sp 13, Gosliner et al.(2015) ,which was previously identified as Trinchesia sp. 41 and mistakenly identified as Cuthona yamasui which, itself is also identified as Trinchesia yamasui, has created some misinterpretation to the identity of not only Cuthona yamasui but also that… Continue reading

The sea steeds Seahorse: mythology, science and danger of extinction

The seahorse

A fish of the most unique, one of the most bizarre creatures that can be found in the sea, perhaps the most fascinating fish, is certainly the seahorse. The beauty and tenderness, the unique look and unmistakable in the animal world as well as its lifestyle, which leads him to… Continue reading

Underwater photography and environment preservation Think before you shoot

UWP and environment preservation

Have you ever taken a photograph of a person who didn’t want you to? Did you chase them as fast as you could to get the perfect shot? What did their face look like? Their expression? Not great huh? For this reason as photographers we ask people if we can… Continue reading