Anilao is a must

Anilao - Philippines

I recently had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Anilao, Philipines with its rich biodiversity of marine lives. Manila sits on an archipelago just at the edge of the Asian continent, some 14° 35′ N, 121º 00 E’. It’s 1,100 km or 2 hours flight time from Hong Kong, 2,200 km or… Continue reading

Amazing Anilao A place where time stands still

Fire Urchin

The trouble with tribbles: prehistoric existence of a fire urchin With a never ending thirst for knowledge, underwater photographers continue to push the boundaries, with an effervescent search to document life that abounds beneath the sea. As better and better digital cameras and lenses are developed, we continue to discover more and more… Continue reading

Planning a light scheme Illuminate the subject in underwater photography

UWP light scene

In advertising photography, before taking a picture you think about the positioning, power and color of the lights to use, either flash or continuous. In underwater photography, thinking how to illuminate the scene in front of us does not happen: often the standard positions of the flash limit the photographers,… Continue reading